New Space Tech

New Space Tech is an initiative that aims to contribute to the training and qualification of human resources for the Space Sector, observing the following objectives:

1) Carry out Research, Development and Innovation in physical and natural sciences related to the Space Sector;

2) Promote customized courses according to the client’s needs, observing the temporal and physical domains and the desired complexity;

3) Support or conduct with stakeholders in the planning and execution of projects, observing the concepts of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE);

4) Provide advice on products and services in the Space Area;

5) Promote lectures, workshops, fairs, congresses, and exhibitions;

6) Promote online and presential courses;

7) Promote activities to support education in the Space Area, such as university-company integration, CV selection, and interviews.


Vision Plan


Contribute to the training and qualification of human resources for the Space Sector.

Become a training institution for human resources for the Space Sector, recognized in Brazil and abroad, offering courses and conducting innovative projects for this Segment.

  • Ethics 
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Love
  • Innovation

Our team

Professionals trained in renowned institutions who work with professionalism, dedication, integrity, mutual trust, and passion for space and mother ship Earth.